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Love our Waterfront. Save our Waterfront.

Lake Ontario is Toronto’s greatest asset. For many Torontonians, it’s where we go to relax and play in the heart of the city. Over the past 10 years we’ve invested over $1 billion dollars into its revitalization, attracting another $2.6 billion in private investment—one of our great successes! But all this is threatened by allowing jets at the Island airport. Jets will turn our waterfront into Pearson-by-the-Lake, increasing pollution, gridlock, and wasting your tax dollars. Simply put, jets don't fit on our waterfront. Say NoJetsTO!

  • Say "NO!" to jets

    We all cherish the Toronto waterfront as a place to live, work and play. But our waterfront as we know it could soon be scarred by an expanded Toronto Island airport with jet aircraft. An expansion that will bring noise, pollution and more gridlock – paid by our tax dollars.

    City Council has voted to delay a decision until a number of studies have been completed. Right now we expect the issue will come back for a final vote in the fall of 2015.

    By speaking out today you can do your part to save Toronto’s waterfront. Fill out the form and your city councillor will receive an email urging him/her to stop the Pearson-by-the-Lake.

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    Urge your city councillor to save Toronto’s waterfront and say no to a bigger, busier Island Airport. 

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  • Is your city councillor a Waterfront Champion?

    Waterfront Champions are city councillors who vote “No Jets!” at city council to protect our economy, our environment, and our quality of life.

    You can join them by endorsing a “No” vote at city council and encourage your local councillor to do the same.

  • In Memoriam: Julie Tam


    We are heartbroken that Julie Tam, a member of the NoJets Steering Committee, passed away...

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