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Unaccountable Port Authority Ignores City Council by Forging Ahead with EA

The Toronto Port Authority is ploughing ahead with an Environmental Assessment for the planned Island Airport expansion without fulfilling the requirements set by City Council. NoJetsTO reacts.

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Pro-Jets Mayor Rob Ford Attacks on Waterfront Toronto Embarrassing

NoJetsTO reacts to Rob Ford’s latest misleading attacks on Waterfront Toronto. His absenteeism at Waterfront Toronto meetings and lobbying for jets show his real priorities.

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Waterfront Revitalization: Critic Takes Shots for Political Gain

Pro-jets Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong is attacking the waterfront revitalization efforts. It’s a cheap move for political gains, NoJetsTO points out.

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Provincial Government Failing to Protect Ontario Place from Jets

The revitalization of Ontario Place is in peril from the planned expansion of the Island Airport, but Premier Wynne continues to dodge questions on the issue. That’s not the leadership Toronto’s residents deserve.

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Port Authority Rejects City Council Decision on Passenger Cap

The TPA thinks it is above the law with its flat-out rejection of a passenger cap that was mandated by the April 1st Council decision (as a precondition for negotiations). Read the NoJetsTO statement here.

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Port Authority Ignores Will of City Council with Bullying Tactics

Despite City Council’s decision that require passenger caps before negotiations on the Island Airport can start, the TPA is trying to evade the matter in a heavy-handed matter, letters to City staff show.

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NoJetsTO Welcomes City Council Vote as Clear Win for Jet Opposition

Instead of giving Porter the green light for its jet plans, City Council has adopted the staff recommendation for further study and tiered negotiations – with severe conditions attached. NoJetsTO reacts.

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NoJetsTO Going Strong Before Crucial City Council Vote

In recent days, more than 100 volunteers came out to help the NoJetsTO grassroots campaign, talking to thousands of residents across the city. Read the latest campaign update.

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Island Airport with runway extension and expanded no-go zone for boats

Independent Report on Runway Extension Impacts Raises More Red Flags

The newest report from the independent advocacy group Transport Action Ontario shows that the Island Airport expansion will hurt lake users and put the development of the Port Lands in jeopardy. Read the reaction from NoJetsTO.

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Tainted City Staff Recommendations on Jets a Slippery Slope

After immense pressure from Norm Kelly and Porter, City staff give a roadmap for expanding the Island Airport in their latest report. City Council must not go down this path, NoJetsTO warns in its press release.

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