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Daryl Christoff Endorses NoJetsTO

Ward 20 Candidate endorses NoJetsTO

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Jolene Hunt Endorses NoJetsTO

Ward 18 Candidate Endorses NoJetsTO

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Independent Boaters Protest in Pictures & Video

Boaters took to the water on Thursday September 18th to express their displeasure with the Toronto Port Authority and Porter Airlines attempts to expand the island airport, potentially expanding the Marine Exclusion Zone which would have an impact on all

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NoJetsTO Radio Interview on CIUT Green Majority

NoJetsTO Interview on CIUT Green Majority Listen to Norman Di Pasquale, Acting Chair of NoJetsTO, interviewed on Green Majority.  Norman talks about the epoch of this campaign in the city and what some up the upcoming issues will be within municipal

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MEDIA ADVISORY: NoJetsTO Expresses solidarity with Independent Boaters

Independent Boaters plan a large scale protest on Toronto Harbour, saying No to Jets on the waterfront.

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PRESS RELEASE: Bowing out of the waterfront debate is missed opportunity for John Tory

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SEPTEMBER 15th, 2014 Bowing out of the waterfront debate is missed opportunity for John Tory NoJetsTO expresses disappointment in waterfront mayoral debate cancellation The City of Toronto deserved a debate from mayoral candidates on their vision for

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Port Authority Conducts Unethical Survey: Marketing Expert

The TPA has performed another opinion poll that violates ethics rules for market research, industry expert Allan Bowditch explains. Read NoJetsTO’s statement and the misleading TPA questions in full.

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Unaccountable Port Authority Ignores City Council by Forging Ahead with EA

The Toronto Port Authority is ploughing ahead with an Environmental Assessment for the planned Island Airport expansion without fulfilling the requirements set by City Council. NoJetsTO reacts.

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Pro-Jets Mayor Rob Ford Attacks on Waterfront Toronto Embarrassing

NoJetsTO reacts to Rob Ford’s latest misleading attacks on Waterfront Toronto. His absenteeism at Waterfront Toronto meetings and lobbying for jets show his real priorities.

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Waterfront Revitalization: Critic Takes Shots for Political Gain

Pro-jets Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong is attacking the waterfront revitalization efforts. It’s a cheap move for political gains, NoJetsTO points out.

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