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Port Authority Re-Branding a Distraction from Lack of Accountability

The Toronto Port Authority is using a cheap marketing trick to get attention. Instead, action on passenger caps and an independent jet study is needed.

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Queens Quay

NoJetsTO Supports Queens Quay Revitalization, Points to Pro-Jets Detractors

It’s worth remembering that the work of Waterfront Toronto gets smeared by backers of the Island Airport expansion.

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NoJetsTO Reiterates Call for TPA Funding for Independent Experts

The Port Authority has to provide funding for independent, community-retained experts for its Environmental Assessment.

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Richard Peddie

Richard Peddie Endorses NoJetsTO Ahead of Public Consultation on Jets

Prominent Toronto businessman, author and former Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment CEO endorses NoJetsTO.

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NoJetsTO Joins Other Groups in Funding Request for EA

Newly-formed Greater Waterfront Coalition has requested funding for independent experts from the Toronto Port Authority.

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NoJetsTO Questions Appointment of Minnan-Wong

Why will Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong be appointed to the board of Waterfront Toronto and the position of deputy mayor, given his anti-waterfront and pro-jets stance?

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John Tory

NoJetsTO Welcomes John Tory’s Declaration of Conflict-of-Interest, Demands Further Steps

NoJetsTO welcomes the decision of Mayor-Elect John Tory to recuse himself from the contentious Island Airport expansion issue, but his staff has to stay out of it as well.

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NOW Magazine: NoJetsTO Voted Best Activist Campaign

NOW Magazine readers have chosen our fight for Toronto’s waterfront as the activist campaign of the year. Thank you!

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NoJetsTO Concerned about Porter Lobbyist Ties to John Tory

Former high-ranking John Tory campaign executive has lobbied heavily for Island Airport expansion, City’s lobbyist registrar shows.

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Norm Kelly2

Norm Kelly’s Endorsement, John Tory Robocall Raise More Questions About Ward 16 Interference

The Deputy Mayor’s endorsement of pro-jets candidate Carmichael Greb is a clear attempt to strengthen the pro-jets faction on City Council.

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