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NOW Magazine: NoJetsTO Voted Best Activist Campaign

NOW Magazine readers have chosen our fight for Toronto’s waterfront as the activist campaign of the year. Thank you!

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John Tory

NoJetsTO Concerned about Porter Lobbyist Ties to John Tory

Former high-ranking John Tory campaign executive has lobbied heavily for Island Airport expansion, City’s lobbyist registrar shows.

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Norm Kelly2

Norm Kelly’s Endorsement, John Tory Robocall Raise More Questions About Ward 16 Interference

The Deputy Mayor’s endorsement of pro-jets candidate Carmichael Greb is a clear attempt to strengthen the pro-jets faction on City Council.

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Will Ford, Tory Use City’s Share of Infrastructure Dollars for Island Airport Expansion?

Voters deserve clarity from mayoral candidates: how will they handle the Port Authority’s $100 Million ask of City-designated federal infrastructure dollars?

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John Tory’s Endorsements in Close Council Race Trigger Questions on Jets position

Mayoral frontrunner John Tory backs pro-jets candidate in key council race.

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Meeting with John Tory Doesn’t Result in More Answers on Jet Issue

A meeting between NoJetsTO and mayoral frontrunner John Tory does not yield new answers on his Island Airport stance.

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Independent Boaters Protest in Pictures & Video

Boaters took to the water on Thursday September 18th to express their displeasure with the Toronto Port Authority and Porter Airlines attempts to expand the island airport, potentially expanding the Marine Exclusion Zone which would have an impact on all

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Cancelling Waterfront Debate: Missed Opportunity for John Tory

Voters deserved to hear from mayoral candidates on their vision for our waterfront. Sadly, John Tory cancelled the planned waterfront debate.

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Port Authority Conducts Unethical Survey: Marketing Expert

The TPA has performed another opinion poll that violates ethics rules for market research, industry expert Allan Bowditch explains. Read NoJetsTO’s statement and the misleading TPA questions in full.

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Unaccountable Port Authority Ignores City Council by Forging Ahead with EA

The Toronto Port Authority is ploughing ahead with an Environmental Assessment for the planned Island Airport expansion without fulfilling the requirements set by City Council. NoJetsTO reacts.

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