Video: Drive from Island Airport to King & Bay During Rush Hour

TORONTO - Traffic gridlock is costing the GTA already around $6 billion in economic damages every year. And with a Pearson-by-the-Lake, gridlock in downtown is going to get worse. By putting jets at the Island Airport, the airport would double its passengers to more than 4 million. That will result in 1.4 million additional car trips downtown - every year. And as you might know, the situation around the airport is already dire - with vehicles frequently backing up onto Lakeshore Boulevard, the third-most important artery road leading to downtown. Watch how long it really takes to drive from the Island Airport to King & Bay. An expanded airport with jets would add a significant increase in time to get to downtown Toronto. And in 2015 the upcoming Union-Pearson Express train is a faster option to Pearson, period. Trains for Pearson will leave every 15 minutes, taking 25 minutes to reach Toronto's existing jet airport.

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