2. Mission


2.1. The mission of NoJetsTO is to:

– Protecting the unique character of Toronto’s waterfront by stopping the planned expansion of the Toronto Island Airport.

– Provide leadership that enables residents to inform themselves and exercise their rights on the Island Airport expansion issue.

– Provide a forum for giving and receiving information that is vital to future of Toronto’s waterfront.

2.2. To carry out this mission, NoJetsTO will:

– Inform and work with City Councilors, City staff and other officials on the future of Toronto’s waterfront and the planned expansion of the Island Airport.

– Engage and bring in residents from across the city with an eye on the greater waterfront from Etobicoke to Scarborough.

– Establish ties and work with other associations, organizations and the media.

– Respect the cultural and environmental diversity of Toronto.

– Have ongoing contact with staff and councillors at Toronto City Hall, members of Provincial and Federal Governments, and other members of the public and private sector relevant to the future of Toronto’s waterfront.