The harbour belongs to us

I have enjoyed our harbour every summer since I moved to Toronto 16 years ago. The harbour is truly one of our city's gems, providing recreation and fun for Toronto citizens as well as the numerous tourists that use it every year. Take a trip there any summer day and you’ll see ferries and tour boats full of people making the trip to the Toronto Islands. Summer camps for kids are out on voyageur canoes and kayaks, learning about nature and the outdoors. Voyageur canoe trips are also one of the most popular trips for the thousands of foreign exchange students that come to Toronto each year, not to mention the numerous locals that use them. You’ll see a constant barrage of personally owned and rental boats throughout the day, including sailboats, powerboats, canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, windsurfs and the like. We can also enjoy the harbour by taking a walk or bike ride along the Martin Goodman Trail running along the shore. Toronto harbour belongs to all of us, and should be there for all of us to use. The proposed changes to the airport would have enormous negative consequences for all of us who use the harbour: the loss of water space, noise, air traffic, and of course increased risk of a serious accident. Porter Airlines obviously wants to increase their revenue, but doing so should not and can not take away our right to a safe and accessible harbour. The proposed expansion is a terrible idea and will have devastating consequences for our city if accepted.

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