6. Steering Committee


6.1. The Steering Committee will have a minimum of 7 members. The Steering Committee will be composed of the Executive Officers and other Steering Committee members as appointed by the Chair to give broad representation from across the city.

6.2. The Steering Committee shall meet once a month. Every quarter, one meeting shall be open to the general membership. Meetings may take place by conference call or other electronic means

6.3. The Steering Committee as necessary can call additional meetings, both open and in-camera meetings.

6.4. At each quarterly meeting that is open to the general membership, the Steering Committee will hear questions, deputations, raise and discuss issues and be open to all members.

6.5. At meetings, Steering Committee Members will hear reports from the Steering Committee members and Committee Chairs.

6.6. Motions related to the affairs and mission of the NoJetsTO will be moved, seconded and voted upon by members of the Steering Committee. A simple majority of the attending Steering Committee Members present at a meeting prevails. In the case of a tie, the Chair will decide the vote.

6.7. Any member of NoJetsTO can ask that a motion be considered by the Steering Committee.

6.8. A quorum for voting purposes will be four (4) Steering Committee Members.

6.9. Members of the Steering Committee who cannot attend a meeting of the Steering Committee shall give notice to the Chair or the Secretary in advance. They will be allowed to vote by proxy.

6.10. The Steering Committee has the power to remove any non-Executive Members by a simple majority vote. Vacancies on the Steering Committee may likewise be filled by a simple majority vote at any meeting.

6.11. Conflicts of interest by Steering Committee Members can undermine NoJetsTO’s effectiveness as a voice for the community. Members of the Steering Committee must declare any conflict of interest and excuse themselves from discussion and votes on issues related to that conflict.