7. NoJetsTO Committees


7.1. In addition to the Steering Committee, the following are the official NoJetsTO Standing Committees:

– Communications Committee

– Advisory Committee

– Fundraising Committee

– Outreach Committee

7.2. Other Committees, either Standing Committees or Limited Term Committees may be established as agreed to by the NoJetsTO Steering Committee.

7.3. Committees can be dissolved by majority Steering Committee vote if they become obsolete.

7.4. Membership on any Committee is open to any interested member at the invitation of, or with the approval of, the Steering Committee.

7.5. Committee Chairs will be elected by the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee reserves the right to remove Committee Chairs.

7.6. Committees will meet at times and frequencies appropriate to carrying out their mandate.

7.7. All Committees work with, and through, the NoJetsTO Steering Committee, not alone.

7.8. Committees can add new members as interest and need arise.

7.9. Members of NoJetsTO committees will declare conflicts of interest in the same manner as described in 6.11. above.

7.10. Whenever possible, Committee Members should have access to e-mail in order to foster good communication and involvement.