8-80 Cities Endorses NoJetsTO

Prominent Group committed to Creating Vibrant Cities & Healthy Communities Speaks Out Against Expansion   gil-guillermo-penalosa We as 8-80 Cities totally support your campaign NoJetsTO. The GTA population will grow by 50% in the next 22 years and obviously we need more parks, from neighbourhood ones to increasing the magnificent work been done by the Waterfront Revitalization. This is not an issue of concern exclusive to airport users or the people living along the waterfront; this impacts the whole city. [Revitalizing the waterfront] will improve our physical and mental health, contribute to better environment, more vibrant economic development, and recreation for all regardless of economic, social or ethnic backgrounds. Gil (Guillermo) Peñalosa, MBA Executive Director 8-80 Cities Twitter: @Penalosa_G