91 Year-Old Airforce Veteran Speaks Out Against Jets

Read the Moving Letter to Councillor Matlow November 27, 2013 TORONTO - Dear Councillor Matlow, TSS_Photo_Island_View_Skyline_2013-11-01I live at Briton House on Mt. Pleasant Rd. As a reasonably mobile senior, so far, I enjoy the excursions that the staff here organize. One of the most popular every summer is the outing to the Sunshine Centre on Wards Island. After a nice lunch we walk along the boardwalk to the beach. Some of us like to look over to the downtown skyline across the harbour. During the last couple of years we have noticed a plane flying right through the lovely view more often than in the past. It is annoying to say the least. However, from what I have seen in the news, Porter Airlines wants to bring jets to the island airport. That would be terrible. John_Ross_Photo_Portrait_2013-11-27From my understanding of aircraft, as an air force veteran, the STOL craft used now get up and out fairly quickly. Any kind of jet would require a long distance to become airborne. That would mean all the new development on the waterfront and in the port lands would be affected by the noise and pollution made by jets. It is already noisy on the island as we found on a short tram trip. The planes warming up and landing made a lot of our group feel sorry for the people in the houses and even the condos along the harbour. Please Mr. Matlow, for the sake of the hundreds of seniors who visit the Sunshine Centre every summer, don't let anyone ruin such a wonderful part of our city. Yours, John F. Ross