Anshul Kapoor Steps Down as NoJetsTO Chair

Special Message from Former NoJetsTO Chair Anshul Kapoor Anshul_Kapoor_Portrait_Photo_2014-08-25I would like to let you know that I have stepped down from my position as chair of NoJetsTO. I’m now running to become the city councillor for Ward 20, where I live. Over the past year, NoJetsTO has become a strong and effective organization. I am delighted that Norman Di Pasquale, who has been a key member of our steering committee, has agreed to take over as NoJetsTO's acting chair. Irene Lam has also joined the team as NoJetsTO’s new volunteer coordinator. Norman and the entire crew will continue to do a great job, and I know that your support for this worthwhile cause is as strong as ever. It seems like yesterday that a tiny band of newly-minted activists met in my condo for our first meeting. We were just a few people who were convinced that Rob Ford's plan to expand the Toronto Island airport was sheer madness. We didn't even have a name yet. And we really had no idea how to fight the pro-jets forces at City Hall! Since then, NoJetsTO has worked wonders. Today, more than 15,000 Torontonians have signed our petition. We've shown that when the people of the city stand up, City Councillors have to listen to us. The battle isn't over yet. But we've come a long way. For me the struggle against an expanded Toronto Island Airport on our waterfront has been all-consuming. It has been exciting. At times it has been both frustrating and rewarding. Above all, the experience has taught me a lot about how we are governed in Toronto. Politics in this city doesn’t work the way it should. The threat to our waterfront is just one example. Too often, a simple phone call from one well connected businessman to the mayor or deputy mayor is all it takes to put something on the public agenda--whether it is in the public interest or not. Too often, decisions are made at a lobbyist-tainted City Hall and the rest of us just have to live with it. That is not the way things should be done. I’m running to change this. It has been an honour to work with you as the chair of NoJetsTO. Sincerely, Anshul Kapoor