Author Leah Lambert Endorses NoJetsTO

Toronto-Based Writer Speaks Out Against Pearson-by-the-Lake in Open Letter TORONTO - Dear Council Members: Leah Lambert Toronto is lucky to have the islands and beautiful waterfront as a recreational and cultural area in the centre of our city. With all of the current investment in revitalizing the waterfront, it will only become more appealing and precious for Torontonians and visitors alike. I am, therefore, shocked at the current proposal to expand the Island Airport by extending runways to accommodate more air traffic and jets. If this proposal is approved, the consequences will be profound and irreversible. Our harbour will never be the same, and the negative impact on the water, air and surrounding environment will be significant. My concern is not only about the likely increase in noise and chemical pollutants. I urge Council members to realize the necessity of protecting our citizens from the enormous safety hazards caused by the busier air traffic involving heavier planes landing and taking off in such a limited space surrounded by so many high rise buildings, boaters and tourists. Although I am aware that many people from Toronto and elsewhere have found using the Island airport convenient, there is no reason why they cannot continue to do so with everything remaining as it has been. Once the rail link to Pearson is completed, people should find it much easier to get to Pearson for those flights requiring jets. Our lake and harbour are special and must be preserved. The Tripartite agreement should not be altered to allow expansion of the runways and jets at the Island Airport. Sincerely, Leah R. Lambert