Author Susan Swan Urges Council to Reject Island Airport Expansion

Prominent Author, Susan Swan to City Council:  Reject the Jet Proposal Susan Swan TORONTO - I am writing to ask you to say no on April 1 to the proposed expansion plan for the island airport.
Two ex-mayors, and veteran city planners are against the proposal. The Toronto Board of Health says it's bad for the health of Torontonians. The ex-mayors and city planners say the proposal would mean that planes dominate our waterfront, which is designed for mixed use. The health board says the proposal would encourage more cancer clusters in the downtown area. There is no room to grow an airport serving over four million passengers at the foot of Toronto's Bathurst street. No matter how much funding is poured into this area, nor how many restrictions are lifted, these issues will remain a problem. It doesn't make sense to put a city at risk for the sake of a private company. Yours sincerely, Susan Swan author