Background Information from City Staff, Stakeholders

Background Information & City Staff Reports: 2013-12-TorontoAirport-Reza-Vaziri-e1386094477352 Report from the Deputy City Manager, Cluster B on Request to Amend the Tripartite Agreement for Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (November 21, 2013) Appendix 1 - Letter from Porter Airlines to Mayor Rob Ford - (April 22, 2013) Appendix 1a - Letter from Porter Airlines to Deputy City Manager, Cluster B, John Livey - (September 3, 2013) Appendix 2a (Part 1) - Consultants' Report - Urban Strategies Inc. (November 25, 2013) Appendix 2a (Part 2) - Consultants' Report - Urban Strategies Inc. (November 25, 2013) Appendix 2b - Consultants' Report - AirBiz Aviation Strategies (November 27, 2013) Appendix 2c (Part 1) - Consultants' Report - BA Group Transportation Consultants (November 27, 2013) Appendix 2c (Part 2) - Consultants' Report - BA Group Transportation Consultants (November 27, 2013) Appendix 2d - Consultants' Report - CH2MHill Appendix 2e - Consultants' Report - DPRA Consulting Appendix 2f - Consultants' Report - Environics Research Group Appendix 2g - Consultants' Report - HLT Advisory and N. Barry Lyon Appendix 3 - Correspondence between the City and the Toronto Port Authority Appendix 4 - Letter from Transport Canada to Deputy City Manager, Cluster B, John Livey (November 8, 2013) Appendix 5 - Circulation responses from Toronto Police Services and the Office of Emergency Management Appendix 6 - Letter from the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority Appendix 7 - Planning Policy Summary Appendix 8 - Airport Master Plan Examples Health Impact Asssessment Report (Available as of December 9th) WaterfrontTO Statement   Open Items from these reports as of December 14th:
  • �TPA Master Plan NOT detailed (Caps on Passengers, # of slots, # of max peak hour passengers also needed)
  • Change mode of transport to airport from Car to Transit as a preliminary step.
  • �TPA – TIPA Dispute on definition of General Aviation and vision for the airport
  • Transport Canada Exemptions (Transport Canada has not received a formal application from the Toronto Port Authority to-date)
  • �Plane Certifications not complete (Expected in May 2014 assuming no delays in flight testing)
  • �Who is paying for land use considerations (Approximately $100M-$500M of known costs).
  • �Property Value Impacts
  • We don't know the flight path over the Portlands (and in general)
  • ��Wildlife Management Strategy
  • �Changes to Marine Exclusion Zone
  • �A Study of Jet Blast
  • The Toronto Port Authority wants to tie a 50 year extension of the lease to the Expansion proposal. (�Lease Expiration in 2033).
  • Increase in Health Risks from an expanded Airport (In fact, Board of Health has come out to say NO to the Island Airport Expansion Proposal).
  • Risk to Waterfront Revitalization
  • Sensory Experiences for recreation on the waterfront at risk
  • Existing noise measures and standards may not capture the real impact of the Airport on the waterfront and they should be revisited
  • Recommendation by city staff to push more passengers to transit (vs. car)
  • The proposed expansion will exacerbate already stressed traffic conditions in the vicinity of Eireann Quay
  • Expansion of Current Island Airport Operations not part of Transport Canada Regional Strategy
  • Question on Tipping point of Airport dominating waterfront in terms of size and scale
  • # of Parking Spots needed (1000-3000 typically needed/1M passengers).  Airport only has approx. 500 spots
  • Existing Airport operations fragment the network of waterfront parks and open spaces.
What's not included/Studied in these reports:
  • Assumptions on 202 daily slots.  Studies do not factor General Aviation being forced out to accommodate more commercial aviation (Total of 440 slots).  Deluce himself has suggested that he will apply for a modest increase in slots in his Economic Club speech in December.
  • Impact to Harbourfront Centre, Islands and Waterfront BIA  from increase in Noise, Pollution, Traffic and more parking spots being dedicated to off-shore parking for increased Airport Operations.
  • Economic Analysis states that both the Island Airport & Pearson are growing.  However, displacement effects for moving passengers from Pearson to Billy Bishop are not considered and displacement is assumed to be zero.