Beach Resident Speaks Out in Letter to the Editor

Letter to Beach Metro Community News: Beachers Should be Concerned about Potential Island Jets October 8, 2013 TORONTO - I have been invited to represent Ward 32 at the Health Impact Assessment Workshop on the proposal to consider adding jets and paving in parts of the lake at the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. Golder Associates Ltd. will be leading this study. In order to prepare for this, I have been researching the air quality in our area and it is in a very sad state. A public health study of wards 30 and 32 in 2011 shows that we were already over in dangerous emissions levels of such toxic chemicals as NOx. These contribute to risks of asthma and cancer. The East End has a high asthma rate. Those levels would be higher now that the Portlands Energy Centre power plant is fully operational this year. Regardless of how “clean” new jet models may be, adding jet fuel over our neighbourhood will only add to the toxic mix. Most people in our area seem to be against the proposal to add jets, but there are people who are for it and there are people who are waiting to decide after seeing the study. Yet it turns out that Golder Associates Ltd. is a development company. On one of their sites, they say they use their evaluations when encountering local resistance or concerns to “help the public say yes.”  That sounds to me that it is about getting the job done and not deciding if it’s in the best interest of the community. I will do the best I can to present the interests of our area, but up until now, it seems that the Mayor and his executive council have already made up their minds and so are pushing the agenda accordingly without proper assessment. It took two years to get a speed bump on our street, but the waterfront could be changed permanently with a rushed, biased study over several months. Please make your concerns heard by emailing Mayor Rob Ford at or sign the petition to stop jets over the Beach Gwen Fogel Source: Beach Metro Community News