1. Name

The name of the organization shall be NoJetsTO.

2. Mission

2.1. The mission of NoJetsTO is to:

– Protecting the unique character of Toronto’s waterfront by stopping the planned expansion of the Toronto Island Airport.

– Provide leadership that enables residents to inform themselves and exercise their rights on the Island Airport expansion issue.

– Provide a forum for giving and receiving information that is vital to future of Toronto’s waterfront.

2.2. To carry out this mission, NoJetsTO will:

– Inform and work with City Councilors, City staff and other officials on the future of Toronto’s waterfront and the planned expansion of the Island Airport.

– Engage and bring in residents from across the city with an eye on the greater waterfront from Etobicoke to Scarborough.

– Establish ties and work with other associations, organizations and the media.

– Respect the cultural and environmental diversity of Toronto.

– Have ongoing contact with staff and councillors at Toronto City Hall, members of Provincial and Federal Governments, and other members of the public and private sector relevant to the future of Toronto’s waterfront.

3. Membership

3.1. Membership in NoJetsTO will be open to all residents of Toronto.

3.2. Non-resident members are welcome, provided they are active users of Toronto’s waterfront.

4. General Meetings

4.1. There shall be an Annual General Meeting, the business of which shall include: annual reports of the Chair and the Treasurer; and election of the organization’s Executive Officers.

4.2.   A Special General Meeting can be called by the Steering Committee, or upon the written request of at least thirty (30) members.

5. Executive Officers

5.1. Executive Officers of NoJetsTO are:

– Chair

– Treasurer

– Secretary

5.2. The Treasurer and Secretary may also have the roles of Vice-Chairs. Two Vice-Chairs shall be appointed by the Chair.

5.3. The Executive Officers are elected by the general membership at the Annual General Meeting by a simple majority vote for a one-year term or until the next Annual General Meeting.

5.4 The Chair shall appoint a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 directors that together with the Chair and Vice-Chairs will form the Steering Committee.

6. Steering Committee

6.1. The Steering Committee will have a minimum of 7 members. The Steering Committee will be composed of the Executive Officers and other Steering Committee members as appointed by the Chair to give broad representation from across the city.

6.2. The Steering Committee shall meet once a month. Every quarter, one meeting shall be open to the general membership. Meetings may take place by conference call or other electronic means

6.3. The Steering Committee as necessary can call additional meetings, both open and in-camera meetings.

6.4. At each quarterly meeting that is open to the general membership, the Steering Committee will hear questions, deputations, raise and discuss issues and be open to all members.

6.5. At meetings, Steering Committee Members will hear reports from the Steering Committee members and Committee Chairs.

6.6. Motions related to the affairs and mission of the NoJetsTO will be moved, seconded and voted upon by members of the Steering Committee. A simple majority of the attending Steering Committee Members present at a meeting prevails. In the case of a tie, the Chair will decide the vote.

6.7. Any member of NoJetsTO can ask that a motion be considered by the Steering Committee.

6.8. A quorum for voting purposes will be four (4) Steering Committee Members.

6.9. Members of the Steering Committee who cannot attend a meeting of the Steering Committee shall give notice to the Chair or the Secretary in advance. They will be allowed to vote by proxy.

6.10. The Steering Committee has the power to remove any non-Executive Members by a simple majority vote. Vacancies on the Steering Committee may likewise be filled by a simple majority vote at any meeting.

6.11. Conflicts of interest by Steering Committee Members can undermine NoJetsTO’s effectiveness as a voice for the community. Members of the Steering Committee must declare any conflict of interest and excuse themselves from discussion and votes on issues related to that conflict.

7. NoJetsTO Committees

7.1. In addition to the Steering Committee, the following are the official NoJetsTO Standing Committees:

– Communications Committee

– Advisory Committee

– Fundraising Committee

– Outreach Committee

7.2. Other Committees, either Standing Committees or Limited Term Committees may be established as agreed to by the NoJetsTO Steering Committee.

7.3. Committees can be dissolved by majority Steering Committee vote if they become obsolete.

7.4. Membership on any Committee is open to any interested member at the invitation of, or with the approval of, the Steering Committee.

7.5. Committee Chairs will be elected by the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee reserves the right to remove Committee Chairs.

7.6. Committees will meet at times and frequencies appropriate to carrying out their mandate.

7.7. All Committees work with, and through, the NoJetsTO Steering Committee, not alone.

7.8. Committees can add new members as interest and need arise.

7.9. Members of NoJetsTO committees will declare conflicts of interest in the same manner as described in 6.11. above.

7.10. Whenever possible, Committee Members should have access to e-mail in order to foster good communication and involvement.

8. NoJetsTO Communications

8.1. Any information, such as letters, website content, articles, opinion pieces and other communications on behalf of NoJetsTO, going out in the name of the organization, must be distributed to the Chair and Vice-Chairs to read and receive approval prior to going out.

8.2. The Chair or a Vice-chair of NoJetsTO can speak publicly on behalf of NoJetsTO, always reporting back to the Steering Committee on any such communications.

8.3. Other Steering Committee members can speak publicly on behalf of NoJetsTO after consultation with the Steering Committee, and reporting back to the Steering Committee on any such communications.

8.4. Committees will utilize distribution lists to ensure that all committee members are involved in issues and discussion.

9. Membership Lists

9.1. The Secretary will create a Steering Committee Membership List, with names, positions, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. This list shall be circulated to Steering Committee members to facilitate communication. The Secretary, must be responsible for the maintenance, privacy, and security of the NoJetsTO General Membership List.

9.2. The NoJetsTO Membership List will not be shared with any other individual, group, or organization.

9.3. Any communication with the full NoJetsTO membership will be authorized by the Chair or Vice-Chairs, and be sent out by a Member of the Steering Committee. The content of communications can be proposed by anyone connected with NoJetsTO.

10. Signing Powers

10.1. The Treasurer and the Chair shall have bank signing authority in respect of NoJetsTO’s financial responsibilities.

11. Amendments

11.1. Any proposed amendment to these by-laws must be submitted in writing, signed by three active Steering Committee members, at least two weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting. The proposed amendment will become part of the by-laws, if approved by a two-thirds majority of those members present and voting.