Chris Moise, TDSB Candidate: School Kids at Risk from Jets

Community Advocate Speaks Out on Risks for School Kids Chris Moise II TORONTO - Chris Moise is a member of the Toronto Centre-Rosedale Community and Candidate for School Board Trustee. He endorsed NoJets last year and is quite concerned that the expansion of the airport will have significant health and noise effects on two schools within a few kilometres of the airport. Read his statement: Students at the Island Public and Natural School (TDSB Ward 14) as well as the Waterfront School (TDSB Ward 10) will be affected with increased noise, possible long-term health effects and increased traffic from cars; especially taxis. The traffic light changes about every 40 seconds at the intersection of Lakeshore and Bathurst. Therefore it would be safe to assume that the traffic light changes about 90 times per hour. Based upon 11 taxis per green north-south traffic light, that is about 495 taxis per hour. Multiply that by an eight hour school day and that amounts to almost 4000 taxis. What will happen when the number of flights doubles at the island airport in the next few years? _________________
See Chris' statement to CBC News on January 27th after the public consultation:
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