Closer Look: Porter’s Expansion Plans “a Longshot”

Will Porter's Jets Make Flying Cheaper? Unlikely, Experts Say While Porter Airlines refuses to open their books, a closer look reveals financial concerns TORONTO - A company that wants to lower prices for consumers - how great is that? By putting jets at the Island Airport, Robert Deluce wants to transform his regional airline into a national player. But  financial analysts are not buying Porter's claims. Let's take a look. All desired jet destinations mentioned by Robert Deluce and his company are already served by WestJet and/or Air Canada. So surely Porter entering the market for long-distance flights will alter the game? Not so fast... Chris Murray of PI Financial Corp. made it clear that Porter's jet debut will not change the market dynamics: "The limited additional capacity wouldn't change the Canadian airline market much,” the expert added. "[Porter's business model will] still [be] a niche model. I wouldn't expect it to radically upset the balance at least in the near term." Robert Kokonis, president of airline consulting firm AirTrav, called Porter's expansion plans "a long shot". Kokonis told the Canadian Press: "Porter's planes have been flying less full while load factors at rivals WestJet Airlines and Air Canada have been improving. In a zero sum game where they're all sort of chasing the same passenger, it does give one pause for concern that Porter might be struggling in some areas." Porter is pushing City Councillors hard to allow the Pearson-by-the-Lake with bogus arguments about lower airfares. But if financial experts don't believe Porter, why should City Council? More information: