Council Vote: Peter Tabuns Congratulates NoJetsTO

MPP for Toronto Danforth Thanks Pro-Waterfront Stakeholders Wikimedia_Photo_Peter_Tabuns_2010-09-10TORONTO - That’s what happened at Toronto City Council last week when councillors voted to stand up against the rush to have jets flying into the island airport.
Council made some changes that will protect our waterfront and launched a thorough investigation to establish the facts. They put the health of our city, our waterfront and our residents ahead of the interests of one airline.
And so a big thanks should go to councillors like Paula Fletcher and Mary Fragedakis and community groups like NoJets TO and the Toronto Environmental Alliance and all the concerned Toronto residents whose work on this issue eclipsed the airline’s ad campaign.
The issue is not yet over but Porter didn't get its way, and that is very good news.
Peter Tabins, MPP