Councillors Cressy, McConnell Call for EA Participant Funding

Read the Councillors' Letter to the TPA Supporting the Greater Waterfront Coalition Joe_Cressy_Photo_with_Pam_McConnell_2014-05-20TORONTO - As the City Councillors for Wards 28 and 20, we are writing to you to voice our support for the Greater Waterfront Coalition, and their request for participant funding in the ongoing environmental assessment (“EA”) process regarding the possible expansion of the ‘Island Airport.’ Read the original letter as a PDF
Any possible expansion of service or facilities at the Island Airport will have serious ramifications for the City of Toronto and its residents, including health and environmental costs, impact on the ongoing revitalization of Toronto’s waterfront and nearby developments, and significant transit and infrastructure costs. A robust, objective EA that takes into account a wide scope of potential issues is an absolute necessity before any decisions can be made regarding the Airport. As a broad coalition of community groups, the GWC is an ideal participant in the EA process, and including them in the process in a meaningful way will serve only to improve the Assessment. We urge Ports Toronto to provide arm’s length funding to the GWC in a transparent, accountable way. Doing so will allow the GWC to retain experts to provide objective input, so this process and ongoing discussion about the future of Toronto’s waterfront can be meaningful, and worthwhile. Sincerely, Pam McConnell, City Councillor Ward 28 (Toronto Centre-Rosedale) Joe Cressy, City Councillor Ward 20 (Trinity-Spadina)