Dean Maher's Letter to City Council: 'No' to Jets on Our Waterfront

City Place Resident and Community Advocate Sends Open Letter to Toronto City Council October 17, 2013 TORONTO Dear Councillors and Mayor, I believe we DON`T need Jets on the Toronto Island because the Province and Metrolinx are building a high speed Air Rail Link to Pearson Airport now. We don't need jets from Pearson and the Island Airport. Pearson is not on the water and can better handle jets and jet related emergencies and we do get our water from Lake Ontario. Please learn more: Please don't consider this as being NIMBY because these trains will be travelling directly under my balcony at Front and Spadina, so I will be affected by the increase in train traffic. I moved here understanding I`m living next to rail lands and part of that is trains. I never moved close to the water to be near an airport with Jets. Ironically, the air show is underway - with Jets - I understand that it`s comparing apples to oranges - however, considering a jet is a jet - calling these new jets `whisper jets` is not reassuring ... whisper jets ... compared to what? Fighter jets? Regards, Dean Maher (Community Activist)