Dyanoosh Youssefi Endorses NoJetsTO

Ward 16 Candidate Dyanoosh Youssefi endorses NoJetsTO Youssefi The island airport provides many of us with a convenient way of traveling.  In order to allow more passengers to go through, we need to allow jets and, therefore, to expand the airport.  However, expanding the airport comes at a heavy cost.  For the reasons explained below, I oppose the expansion.
Expanding the airport would lead to undetermined, but significant costs to the city, in terms of the work that would be required at the Harbour and Bathurst Quay to allow for the increased traffic, emergency services, and reconstruction.  Given our many other infrastructure and financial needs, it is not wise now to give more money to Porter to allow for this expansion.  Transit, roads, infrastructure and greater safety nets for children are of higher priorities.
Second, with bigger jets comes the potential for greater fuel spills or dumps in our water, which we have worked incredibly hard to clean.  Lake Ontario is a precious resource that we must protect.
Most importantly, the downtown and harbour areas are first and foremost where people live.  The area is very congested, with high levels of noise and pollution.  There is a school by the harbour. A bigger airport will mean more vehicular traffic (estimated to be about a 20% increase) right near the school.  I know no one in Ward 16 would want increased traffic in such proportions near our children’s schools.  We do not want to put other children at risk either.
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