Elizabeth May Speaks Out Against the Jets

MP and Green Party Leader Endorses NoJetsTO in Open Letter November 10, 2013 Wikimedia_Photo_Elizabeth_May_2013-11-01OTTAWA - The Toronto Island is the treasure of Toronto and should be treated as such. I am alarmed, though not altogether surprised that the Toronto Port Authority is even considering selling out Toronto’s Harbourfront for private profit. While the profits of this proposed plan will be private, the costs will be public. The costs will include not just the $1.4 billion in taxpayer funds that are invested in revitalizing the Harbourfront – a plan that will surely be jeopardized if large passenger jets start taking off and landing on the proposed expanded runways.
These jets will also tax the eyes and ears of those who live near the airport and people and families who come to the island for recreation. No matter how quiet the so-called “whisper jets” will be, there is no avoiding the fact that planes flying overhead will fundamentally change the neighbourhoods and the beaches nearby. I fear, once the expansion begins, there will be no reeling it in. No longer will the island be a place to escape the hustle and bustle of Toronto’s amazingly thriving streets but it will itself be the source of noise and unrelenting activity. This isn’t to say that the Billy Bishop Airport has been detrimental to Toronto. Rather, I think this airport has done a lot to facilitate business and recreation within Canada. That we should be proud of this result does not mean we should risk losing sight of what is actually important: a Toronto that benefits all Torontonians. Elizabeth E. May, O.C. Member of Parliament Saanich-Gulf Islands
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