Fact Check: Jets Will Not Reduce Travel Times on Major Routes

De-Bunking the Claim that Jets at the Island Airport Will Reduce Travel Times October 23, 2013 TORONTO - One of key argument of the jet plan supporters for the Island Airport is that the use of jets will increase convenience for air travellers, and that this justifies damaging the Harbour and Toronto's waterfront. In fact, the use of jets will not reduce travel times at all. That's the clear conclusion when you compare the length of turboprop and jet flights - based the scheduled arrival and departure times of existing turboprop and jet flights set out on the Porter and Air Canada websites. Toronto-Ottawa
  • Turboprop to Ottawa (Porter, from Island Airport): 56 minutes
  • Jet to Ottawa (Air Canada, from Pearson): 63 minutes
  • Turboprop 7 minutes faster.
  • Turboprop to Montreal (Air Canada, from Island Airport): 70 minutes
  • Jet to Montreal (Air Canada, from Pearson): 75 minutes
  • Turboprop 5 minutes faster.
Toronto-New York
  • Turboprop to New York (Porter, from BBTIA): 90 minutes
  • Jet to New York (Air Canada, from Pearson): 89 minutes
  • Jet 1 minute faster.
Porter claims that permitting jets at the Island Airport would allow them to reach more distant destinations such as Los Angeles. However, the time saved on a multi-hour trip to Los Angeles from the Island Airport, rather than Pearson, will be marginal or non-existent for the overwhelming majority of travellers to or from the GTA. That's especially true once the rail link to Pearson opens in in 2015. It is unlikely many people outside the city core choose to venture downtown to the Island Airport, into the traffic congestion, to catch a flight. Travelling from Union Station to Pearson will take 25 minutes once the Union Pearson Express opens in the spring of 2015. Right now it already takes around half an hour to get from King and Bay St to the Island Airport during rush hour. Getting to the Island Airport is not faster than Pearson. Getting to your destination is not faster with jets. So why are we even discussing Porter's dangerous jet proposals for our waterfront?