Fuel Transports to the Island Airport: A Safety Risk

Number of Fuel Trucks Heading to Airport Set to Double: Pilots Association October 13, 2013 Fuel delivery truck arriving at Island Airport facility Fuel delivery truck arriving at Island Airport facility for unloading (photo: CAIR)
TORONTO - According to the Toronto Island Pilots' Association, an organization representing private pilots (General Aviation) at the Island Airport, the current number of fuel deliveries is four. These  tanker trucks with trailers cross the Western Gap using the existing ferry. The pilots estimate that the number of fuel trucks will double to 8 tanker trucks per day, given the increased consumption of fuel that jet aircraft at the Island Airport would lead to. According to Bombardier’s specifications, the currently used Q400 turboprop fuel tank capacity is around 6,500 litres. In contrast, the CS100 fuel tank capacity is approx. 13,800 litres - more than twice the volume. In the light of recent fuel transport-related accidents, these operational aspects should be part of the City review - but apparently they are not.
  • A crashed tanker truck spilled 35,000 litres of type A jet fuel into Lemon Creek, British Columbia. The spill lead to a massive fish kill of fish (killed birds were also reported).
  • A derailed freight train carrying crude oil caused the Lac-Mégantic disaster.
It is absolutely necessary for City staff  to make a full  assessment of the current situation and the projected increases in fuel deliveries as part of the ongoing review. Risks and liabilities have to be identified before any recommendation is made. NoJetsTO is calling on Toronto's City Council to have a clear understanding of risks associated with these downtown fuel truck deliveries before making a decision on the jet plans for the waterfront. __________________________ References: