Graham Hollings Endorses NoJetsTO

Ward 20 Councillor Candidate Graham Hollings endorses NoJetsTO Graham Hollings As a candidate for City Councillor in Ward 20 Trinity-Spadina, and long-time local resident, I am happy to reaffirm my endorsement of the NoJetTO campaign. Island airport expansion – allowing jets and doubling the number of passengers – is bad for Toronto’s waterfront. It would greatly increase traffic congestion, along the waterfront and across from a school, and increase both noise and air pollution on the lakefront. Numbers count: Thousands of people live along the lakefront. Harbourfront has 17 million visitors annually and the island ferry system takes 1.2 million people -- including me, on a regular basis -- to the Toronto Islands park every year. Our lakefront should be protected for the people who live near the lake, and the millions of people who enjoy it. As your City Councillor, I will fight to protect our lakefront by saying no to island airport expansion while maintaining a small island airport. Graham Hollings Website: Twitter: Facebook: