Green Party of Ontario endorses NoJetsTO campaign

Green Party of Ontario Leader releases statement supporting NoJetsTO campaign
I am honoured to sign the NoJetsTO pledge because I believe that the waterfront must be redeveloped according to the needs of the majority of its residents. Development should preserve and advance the waterfront as a vibrant, community space for all citizens to enjoy.As many condo dwellers and users of the waterfront already know, the planes that currently use the island airport are a source of both air and noise pollution. Should larger jets be allowed to take off from Billy Bishop, the noise and pollution would be even worse. This pollution, in addition to the expansion of the runway, has potential to lead to a plethora of environmental and safety concerns.The GPO questions the benefits of the proposed expansion. It would ultimately prioritize the convenience of those who use the airport over the needs and well-being of the majority of downtown residents.  For these reasons, the GPO insists that we halt expansion plans and have an honest, responsible discussion about the future of Toronto's waterfront and island airport.
Sincerely, Mike Schreiner Green Party of Ontario Leader