Greenpeace Canada Endorses NoJetsTO: Full Statement

Greenpeace Cites Concerns About Air Pollution, Impact on Lake Ontario in Endorsement Statement October 10, 2013 TORONTO - I am writing to urge Toronto City Council to reject Porter Airline’s recent proposal to extend the runways at the Billy Bishop Toronto Centre Airport in order to introduce a new fleet of jets to the facility. As a city with an international profile, the largest in Canada, and our provincial capital, Toronto should be setting a high standard of environmental sustainability by reducing, rather than pursing options that increase, polluting emissions. Jets at Billy Bishop will create significantly more air pollution in the city. Filling in the harbour to lengthen runways will harm the ecology of Lake Ontario and negatively impact the waterfront activities that residents and visitors to the city enjoy. Greenpeace endorses the position of NoJetsTO, and commends this community organization for opposing the expansion of this airport. Sincerely, Yossi_Cadan_Signature_2013-09-30 Yossi Cadan Campaigns Director