NoJetsTO to Outside Politicians and Lobbyists: Hands Off Our Waterfront

Conservative Motion Seemingly Result of Unregistered Lobbying

TORONTO – Today’s Conservative motion to overturn the jet ban on Toronto’s waterfront is misguided and seemingly the result of unregistered lobbying. It’s also the latest attempt of outside forces to dictate the future of Toronto’s waterfront.

“Toronto residents are sick and tired of outside politicians telling them what’s best for our waterfront,” NoJetsTO Chair Norman Di Pasquale said. “Today’s Conservative motion is exactly that – non-Toronto MPs pushing for jets on our precious waterfront.”

The pro-jets motion appears to be the result of recent MP lobbying efforts by Porter Airlines that to date haven't been reported to the Commissioner of Lobbying. 

“The Conservatives’ motion has lobbyists fingerprints all over it – no wonder after a series of MP meetings that weren’t even registered with the lobbying commissioner,” Di Pasquale explained. “In the last election, Toronto residents overwhelmingly elected a government that’s commitment to protecting our waterfront from jets. The Conservatives should take note of that.” 

The Conservative motion fails to mention that Porter can fly Bombardier jets out of Pearson Airport and that Porter’s conditional order would make up only 5 per cent of all firm C-series orders (12 Porter orders out of 243 total).

“Even if Porter’s conditional jet order ever goes ahead, it would only make up a tiny amount of C-series jet purchases,” Di Pasquale added. “Jets at the Island Airport would not save Bombardier – but they would wreck our waterfront. Porter is welcome to fly jets out of Pearson Airport whenever they like.”

Very tellingly, a Saskatchewan MP tabled the Conservatives’ Island Airport motion. The Conservatives hold no seats in Toronto.

NoJetsTO is the largest group dedicated to preserving Toronto’s mixed-use waterfront and a regional Island Airport. As a citywide residents organization, NoJetsTO opposes the expansion of the Island Airport through jet aircraft and extended runways.

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