Harbourfront Residents Send Letter to Mayor Ford

Read the Harbourfront Community Association Open Letter on the Jet Issue October 27, 2013 TORONTO - Dear Mayor and City Council, Residents of the Harbourfront Community wish to register our endorsement of the position taken by NoJetsTO, that allowing jets to operate out of Toronto Island Airport would be a mistake. We are asking Toronto City Council to reject the proposal for expansion of the island airport, because industrial use of this land is in conflict with other intended and desired uses of the waterfront, as well as associated air, water and noise pollution problems. In our experience, the island airport has already done irreparable damage to the city's use of the waterfront. In our opinion, the island airport has killed Ontario Place, similar to the way it is currently destroying the Toronto Music Garden as a public tourist attraction. It also looks like any attempt to rejuvenate Ontario Place will be limited to industrial uses, because it will be impossible for any other use to co-exist beside a busy island airport. It just looks wrong that the federal port authority has a monopoly control over 215 acres of public parkland for $1 a year, and it adds insult to injury when they don't pay their city taxes, while paying themselves quarter million dollar salaries. In our opinion, this all adds up to a huge public subsidy for a private company operation. If we have to subsidize corporate welfare bums in this way, please don't make the situation worse by allowing them to use jets on Toronto's most valuable public parkland. To allow jets on Toronto's Waterfront would create future problems for the city, which would make our current Gardner Expressway problems seem minor by comparison. Please don't burden future generations of Torontonians with a bad decision today. Thank you for your consideration of this critical issue. Max Moore, Harbourfront Community Association