Humber Enviro Endorses NoJetsTO

Toronto Environmental Organization Speaks Out for Lake Ontario in Endorsement Statement HumberEnviro TORONTO - Plans to expand Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is bad news for residents living around the downtown waterfront airport, as well as for the local economy and the environment. Lake Ontario, where the airport is located, is the main source of drinking water for the entire Greater Toronto Area region and also forms the headwaters for all major rivers passing through Toronto. Substantial progress has been made over the years in cleaning up the lake’s waters and in restoring natural habitat ruined from decades of industrial pollution. The proposed extension of a runway into the lake will have significant consequences for the Lake Ontario ecosystem and the diversity of bird and aquatic life that rely on the lake for survival. Over the years there has been substantial investment made in revitalizing Toronto’s waterfront as an important hub for residential, tourism, recreational and economic activity that is vital to the growth and success of this city. While the island airport no doubt represents part of that success, it is still only one aspect of overall economic activity and there are many businesses, including hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, and sightseeing activities that attract visitors and contribute to the local economy. The uncontrolled growth of the island airport will only destabilize some of these other business activities, such as tourism, and have a long-term negative impact on Toronto’s environment, wildlife habitat and urban ecology. As an environmental group that works to protect GTA rivers, lakes, and waterways, Humber Enviro fully supports this campaign. We are opposed to any development that may have an impact on biodiversity in Lake Ontario or affect the sustainable development of Toronto’s waterfront and surrounding area.