Jane’s Walk Draws Attention to Threat to Waterfront

100 People Join NoJetsTO, Waterfront Toronto for Guided Tour TORONTO - Jane Jacobs was an urban visionary and activist that fought for making and keeping Toronto a liveable city. NoJetsTO and Waterfront teamed up to honour her legacy and draw attention to what’s at stake at our waterfront as the threat of jets looms. Initiated by then-local MPP Rosario Marchese, NoJetsTO chair Anshul Kapoor and Waterfront Toronto communications director Andrew Hilton offered a guided tour as part of the Jane’s Walk weekend in Toronto. Take a look at the photos:[gallery ids="2610,2611,2612,2613,2614,2615,2616,2617,2618"] Starting at Eireann Quay vis-à-vis the Island Airport, the NoJetsTO chair talked about the threat that the airport expansion plans represent. This was complemented by Waterfront Toronto’s remarks on the amazing revitalization efforts that have turned the city’s neglected waterfront into a magnet for residents, businesses and visitors. Despite the rainy weather, around 100 participants came out for the unique and free tour, making it one of the largest ones of the Jane’s Walk weekend.