Join us this Weekend: Important Outreach Events

NoJetsTO Outreach Coordinator Jess Asks You to Join September 7, 2013 TORONTO - This weekend (September 7 and 8) you can help NoJetsTO with as little as 30 minutes or as much as 3 hours. Jess has listed several events below. Please be in touch with Jess (email via or at 647-522-5377) if you can attend one or more of them or if you have any questions! ALL WEEKEND

29th Annual Vegetarian Festival - Harbourfront Centre

Basic Info
  • Saturday 12-9pm
  • Sunday 12-7pm
  • Background: festival FB page
  • Time commitment/Role: spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours wandering around the festival collecting signatures for the NoJetsTO petition and handing out postcards to interested folks.
Why It's Important and Why It's Fun
  • The Toronto Vegetarian Festival is the largest in North America - over 40,000 people in attendance last year!
  • This is a huge event, right on the waterfront! An amazing opportunity to collect signatures.
  • What's more, after you're done petitioning you can check out the festival - it's FREE and full of food, cooking demos, speakers, samples, and fun (I attend every year).
  • Please be sure to contact Jess if you will be at this event

2nd Annual EcoParade

Basic Info
  • Trinity Bellwoods Park (start) to Harbourfront Centre (end) 10am-1pm
  • Background: event website
  • Time commitment: the entire event is about 3 hours, including the march, but you could just show up at the beginning if you are pressed for time.
  • Role: you will mingle with progressive minded folks and collect signatures, hand out postcards/buttons.
Why It's Important and Why It's Fun
  • Ideally, we should be in the parade (Jess be there!). The vibe of this parade will be similar to Pride - lots of excitement, happy people and smiling faces! They even suggest that folks dress up in costumes (but you don't have to).
  • It's an opportunity to let loose while also offering valuable support to NoJetsTO by collecting signatures and gaining exposure.

Liberty Street Farmer's Market

Basic Info
  • Hanna and Liberty Street 10am-1pm, click here for a map
  • We will have our own table at the northern end of the market
  • Time commitment/role: whatever you can manage;spend your time collecting signatures, handing out postcards and talking to the public about NoJetsTO,

Cabbagetown Festival

Basic Info
  • Background: event website
  • Porter Airlines will be at this event
  • Time Commitment/Role: Give NoJetsTO a presence at the festival. Hand out postcards, collect signatures.
Why It's Important and Why It's Fun
  • Similar to the Vegetarian Fest, this festival will be full of fun things for you to do after you're finished spreading NoJetsTO information.
  • Porter Airlines will be at the event, collecting signatures for their dangerous expansion plans and spreading their propaganda. We need to counter this.
Anything interest you? If so, let Jess know what you need - postcards, buttons, petitions. When you touch base, Jess can also help you meet up with other volunteers. Thanks again! And if you can't help this weekend, there are many more opportunities coming up next week and beyond, so please let me know what kind of time commitment you are comfortable with - anything helps! If you don't mind sharing your phone number, that would be very helpful to Jess too. We will use it only for NoJetsTO.