Land Over Landings Campaign Endorses NoJetsTO

Campaign to Stop Pickering Airport Makes Case that Jets Belong at Pearson December 4, 2013 Land_Over_Landings_Logo_2013-12-03PICKERING - Land Over Landings, the campaign to stop federal plans for an airport and economic development on 21+ sq. miles of prime farmland in North Pickering, endorses the position of NoJetsTO. We believe that the new C-series jets should be flown out of airports that currently handle jets: namely, Pearson and Hamilton. The plans to expand the area’s airport system, whether by building a new airport at Pickering or by enlarging the Island Airport to handle jets, are both driven by the specious argument that Pearson International will soon reach capacity. Pearson’s numbers are trending upwards, but the rise is slow, the journey is bumpy (major world crises cause the numbers to drop again), the airport can still add another runway, and it won’t reach capacity in the foreseeable future. Furthermore, passenger traffic has been falling steadily at well-liked Hamilton International, where there is capacity and then some. And a new rail link between downtown Toronto and Pearson will be functioning before the new jets are even available. In other words, there are options, and none of them comes with the hefty price tags and damaging effects of the expansion plans. We believe that no project, whether addition of jets and expansion of the Island Airport, or an entirely new airport, should ever be given a green light without the hard scrutiny of a complete and solid business case, objective impact assessments, and broad, open, and honest public consultation.Business interests must never trump health interests, and short-term gain must never be given precedence if the long-term result will be detrimental and irreversible. In both the Pickering and Island Airport cases, we have a duty to ourselves and to future generations to look at the broader picture. What does the future hold? At least 2 billion more people within our (or our children’s) lifetime; rapid climate change that threatens worse storms, droughts, and floods, with consequent crop failures; the chaotic consequences for populations worldwide… Canada will not be immune to any of this. We must be farseeing and wise in our plans for the future, whether they have to do with preserving a growing city’s precious and important waterfront, or protecting the priceless farmland that will soon be required to help feed the residents of that growing city. Land Over Landings Steering Committee