Letters from NoJetsTO Supporters

NoJetsTO Has Received Hundreds of Messages in the Past Weeks - Here are a Few Recent Examples TORONTO - Letter to No Jets To When I hear real estate agents say that home values will be affected if jets are allowed on the island, I wonder why no one has asked who will have to foot the bill if there's a class action lawsuit brought against the city? Thanks for listening, Sidoni Wilson ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Letter to Councillor Paul Ainslie What a GREAT idea to make one submit their questions to the panel...rather than use the microphone.It meant those "honourable" Councillors could sort through and cast aside anything that might hit at the truth.Never mind that the ad said  "All questions would be asked." Why weren't they answered in order received.?  Oh yes, I already answered that. I was shocked that no one mentioned that the Deluce family donated $7,500.00 to Rob's campaign last time. At a limit of $2500 per person he is going to have to get more Deluce family to donate this time.  Greed is the norm today. Those Porter representatives and Port Authority men could Not care less about the City or the people....or the loss of our landmark...Toronto Island. Future generations will wonder why we did it. Joy Taylor Scarborough _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Letter to Mayoralty Candidate John Tory I would appreciate a clear and concise answer on your position regarding the Billy Bishop Airport Expansion and Jets flying on our waterfront. Are you for or against the expansion of the airport runways? Thank you for your anticipated prompt reply and best of luck in your campaign. Regards, Carl Szamosvari ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Letter to Councillor Crawford Hello Councillor Crawford,
I was at the public consultation in Scarborough  and I have to disagree with your  statement that residents are equally divided. The main faction that night standing in favour of jets at Billy Bishop were obviously Porter employees . I would say the rest of the audience that night was more opposed than not.
This is important. It goes beyond the somewhat minimal effects the jets would have on Scarborough. It's an important moment in creating the future of this city and what kind of waterfront we'll have in 5, 10, 25 years.
If you vote in favour of the jets then I'm afraid I will not be voting for you on election day. It's as simple as that.
Best regards,
Jeff McCartney