London Calling: Stop London City Airport Endorses NoJetsTO

Opposition to London City Airport Expansion Supports Counterpart in Toronto: Read the Statement November 28, 2013 Wikimedia_Photo_London_City_Airport_2013-11-20LONDON - I have been shocked to hear about the plans to use jets at Toronto's Island Airport. From our experience in London, it will do irreparable damage to the area. The environment will deteriorate. Property prices will fall. And many businesses will be deterred from investing in the area. It was when jets were given permission to use London City Airport, a waterside airport in East London, that the problems started.  Noise levels for residents increased appreciably.  Air pollution levels rose. And the airport became a scar on the landscape that deterred investment in the wider area.  The area around the airport remains the least developed in London Docklands. Interestingly, the non-airport-related developments which have come to the area have created many more jobs than the airport. A major new development that may take place will create 20,000 new jobs when completed by 2023. London City Airport, by contrast, will have 3,500 jobs though the airport occupies 4 times the area of the planned development. Don’t let Toronto’s waterfront go the way of the London Docklands. Sincerely, John Stewart Stop London City Airport Campaign