Master Plan: TPA Envisions Major Jet Airport on Waterfront

Port Authority Reveals Intentions with Planned Doubling of Passengers to 5.5 Million with Jets  TORONTO – The Toronto Port Authority is finally coming clean that it envisions a major jet airport on Toronto’s waterfront with tonight's presentation of the Island Airport master plan. “The TPA is effectively declaring war on our waterfront with their vision of a major jet airport,” NoJetsTO Chair Norman Di Pasquale said. “The expansion plans are even worse than we feared with a doubling of passengers to 5.5 million/year.” The airport master plan, which was required by City Council, includes a 20% increase in daily flight slots to 242. Plans also feature a tunnel to the south of the airport for a “future aviation area” as the TPA's presentation at tonight's public meeting revealed. “If City Council doesn’t stop the expansion, we will have an airport bigger than Ottawa’s,” Di Pasquale added. “Nothing less than the revitalization of our waterfront is at stake with the TPA’s master plan.” “The plans are just outrageous – the TPA wants jets, more take-offs and landings and more passengers – even an additional tunnel,” the NoJetsTO spokesperson added. “It won’t just be passenger jets – also corporate and private jets.” “More than a year after a clear City Council’s vote, the TPA still rejects caps – and now we know why,” Di Pasquale concluded. “Tellingly, the TPA master plan says nothing about the traffic mess we will have on the mainland.”