Mayoral Candidate Ari Goldkind endorses NoJetsTO

Island airport expansion debate proves Toronto politics are broken Ari for Mayor Expanding Billy Bishop Airport isn’t about the city, its about private interests. Toronto is being used and our politicians are silent. Airport expansion would lead to tremendous personal financial gain for the owners of Porter Airlines, especially CEO Robert Deluce, at the sacrifice of public lands along the waterfront. Toronto deserves to know: - Is a Porter IPO contingent on runway expansion? What are the financial gains for Robert Deluce? - Why do Porter’s job numbers ignore the impact of the new Union Pearson Express train being built by the province? - Why are Ford and Tory really supporting an airport expansion plan that could jeopardize the waterfront for no real gains in jobs? Robert Deluce and my competitors don’t want to answer these questions. They can’t hide behind Porter Airlines being a private company when success is based on public resources. Toronto needs a full, open and honest debate about the real costs and who benefits from airport expansion. Ari Goldkind Website: Twitter: Facebook: