More Endorsements for NoJetsTO

More Prominent Torontonians Speak Out Against the Jets November 18, 2013 TORONTO - With a City Council vote on the dangerous jet plans for Toronto's waterfront only four weeks away, more high-profile individuals are speaking out. Here is a sample of recent endorsements for NoJetsTO: York_University_Photo_Roger_Keil_2013-11-10"Allowing jets to fly low along the Toronto waterfront is like having a Formula One race on Yonge Street. Tolerating jet technology on the Island Airport will destroy the hard-won fine tapestry of diverse human uses and natural restoration efforts that have taken hold on Toronto’s lakeshore. Anyone interested in a sustainable Toronto will need to make sure that those jets don’t fly!" - Roger Keil, Urban Thinker and Professor at York University   Spacing_Photo_Matthew_Blackett_2013-11-10“Toronto's waterfront has been undergoing a transformation from an industrial port into a gathering spot for culture, leisure, and livability. All of these recent gains are threatened by the continuing expansionist plans of Porter Airlines. While the waterfront should be home to bustling business community, there is no reason that a polluting, noisy airport should be a part of it. If Toronto is serious about its stated quest to make our waterfront a magnet for both residents and tourists, the easiest step is to halt Porter's plans.” - Matthew Blackett, Publisher, Spacing Magazine   No_Casino_Toronto_Photo_Maureen_Lynett_2013-11-01“Earlier this year Torontonians succeeded in stopping a Mega Casino on Toronto's waterfront. Now our waterfront faces a new threat with Porter Airline's expansion proposal which will impact not only our beaches and recreational waterfront activities, but also the thousands of people living nearby. Thank you NoJetsTO for taking on another David and Goliath battle to save our waterfront.” - Maureen Lynett, Co-founder, No Casino Toronto ______ For a complete list of endorsements, click here.