Nautical Mind: 33 Year-Old Waterfront Shop Speaks Out Against Jets

Hurting Sailing in the Harbour, Plus Noise from Jets Prompt Concerns in Blog Post November 22, 2013 David_Smiley_Photo_Boat_and_Plane_2013-07-23TORONTO - We’ve been here in Toronto’s Inner Harbour for a few years now. Thirty-three at Queen’s Quay and Rees to be precise. In recent years, the sound of the airport has become increasingly loud and distracting. We don’t mean to be melodramatic, but the whirr and groan of the airliners often shatters the air, making being outside unpleasant. It’s difficult to heartily recommend the harbour’s attractions to guests and tourists given this noise. We have flown through the airport, and found it pretty convenient, but expect the new Pearson airport train will make this convenience far less significant. We understand that there are plans to bring more, louder, bigger planes to the island airport, and choking off the Western Gap shipping channel to accommodate their greater runway requirements. We are of the opinion that reducing a vital water passage and increasing the ambient noise is a poor plan for the harbour, and very much hope it does not come to pass. _______________ Source: Nautical Mind blog post, 2013-11-21