No Casino Toronto Founders: Open Letter to Toronto City Council

Co-Founders of Initiative that Defeated Waterfront Casino Urge City Council to Oppose Jets NoCasinoToronto TORONTO - We, the co-founders of No Casino Toronto, want to join the thousands of supporters of NoJetsTO in urging City Council to vote against the Island Airport expansion plan. At this time last year, you listened to the voice of Torontonians who opposed the development of a waterfront casino.  Although there were a number of reasons to oppose a mega casino, one of our main concerns was protection of the waterfront from increased traffic, gridlock, parking congestion, and pollution. With an airport expansion, the waterfront faces an even greater threat to the communities adjacent to the airport. Recreational waterfront activities and our beaches, which thousands of middle and lower income Toronto families enjoy, will be negatively impacted. Once again please make the right decision for our city.  Vote NO to the Island Airport expansion. Best regards, Peggy Calvert Maureen Lynett Sheila Lynett No Casino Toronto