No Joke: Join us for the Vote on Tuesday, April 1st

City Council Vote Scheduled for Tuesday, April 1st Benson_Kua_Photo_Toronto_City_Hall_2014-02-22TORONTO - The jet issue is finally coming to a head. On Tuesday, April 1st, City Council will vote on the future of our waterfront. City staff are recommending a negotiation timetable that could very well lead to jets. To avoid the slippery slope, City Council has to vote 'no' on the dangerous jet plans. In order to drive that message home, we need to pack the ranks at City Hall. Deputations are not possible, but showing that the opposition is strong will go a long way with councillors and the media. Note that there will be other agenda items, so we don't know the exact time that the jet issue will be debated. Please check fill out the form and let us know if we can count you in.

Tuesday, April 1

  • What:¬†City Council meeting
  • Why it's important: this is it - City Council is slated to vote on the jet issue. Come on out and show City Council where Torontonians stand.
  • When and where: Toronto City Hall, Council Chamber, 3rd floor, (3C on the elevator),¬†9:30am
  • Note: deputations are not possible. However, media will be swarming City Hall - let's give them an earful.
Please fill out the form and let us know what meetings you can attend. Every single person counts!