NoJetsTO Congratulates Liberal Party, Calls for Quick End to Airport Expansion

NoJetsTO, Toronto’s largest citizen group opposed to Island Airport expansion, congratulates Prime Minister-elect Justin Trudeau, MP Adam Vaughan and the Liberal Party on forming the next federal government.

Wikimedia_Photo_Centre_Block_Parliament_Hill.jpg“Citizens concerned about the future of Toronto’s waterfront are relieved that the pro-waterfront forces have prevailed in this election,” NoJetsTO Vice-Chair Laura Cooper said. “We congratulate Prime Minister-elect Justin Trudeau and his caucus, especially Spadina-Fort York MP Adam Vaughan.”

“We are now looking forward to fast and concrete steps from the new federal government to stop the planned Island Airport expansion,” Cooper continued. “Adam Vaughan and the Liberal Party are expected to fulfill their promise to keep Toronto’s waterfront jet-free.”

Adam Vaughan has been the strongest political voice against the waterfront jet plans since the proposal was first floated in 2013. He has continued his opposition in both his City Councillor and MP roles.

“On behalf of NoJetsTO, I thank Adam Vaughan for his leadership and getting the Liberal Party on board for a jet-free waterfront,” the NoJetsTO Vice-Chair added. “We are looking forward to working with a Trudeau-led federal government to end the expansion scheme, reform the Port Authority and secure the ongoing waterfront revitalization.”

NoJetsTO is the largest group dedicated to preserving Toronto’s mixed-use waterfront and a regional Island Airport. As a city-wide residents organization, NoJetsTO opposes the expansion of the Island Airport through jet aircraft and extended runways.

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