NoJetsTO Files Complaint Against False Porter Ad

Misleading Ad in Toronto Star Shows Porter's Desperation, Lack of Ethics December 2, 2013 Mozo_Photo_Misleading_Claim_2013-12-02TORONTO - NoJetsTO has filed a formal complaint with Advertising Standards Canada, the industry’s self-regulatory body, over Porter's full-page ad in Saturday's Toronto Star. The recent Porter ad falsely claimed that a majority of Torontonians support the waterfront jet plans. This is patently false since a recent City of Toronto phone survey showed that 52% of residents think an expanded airport with jets should not be part of the revitalized waterfront ((Environics: "Toronto Resident Survey: Billy Bishop Toronto Centre Airport ", part of the City's jet review, accessed 2013-12-02)). More importantly, Porter also falsely claims that the opposition, i.e. NoJetsTO, wants to shut down the airport. This is also entirely false. Since its founding, NoJetsTO has pursued the goal to preserve the current Island Airport and stop the expansion plans that would transform the boutique regional airport into a major international airport - a Pearson-by-the-Lake. This position has been emphasized by NoJetsTO repeatedly, including during last week's CP24 interview. Click here for photos of the misleading ad: Porter's unethical advertising move comes days before a crucial Executive Committee meeting on the jet issue and two weeks before the intended City Council vote. The misleading ad urges readers to contact their City Councillors via email and phone to show support for Porter's dangerous jet plans. Porter-owner Deluce has made similar false remarks in the media in a desperate attempt to mitigate the fallout from last week's City staff report. Despite Porter's efforts, the opposition to the waterfront jet plans is growing with more than 10,000 signatures city-wide (with signatures from all wards).