NoJetsTO Reacts to Flawed Globe & Mail Article on Deluce

Article Praising Rob Deluce Omits Federal Bailout Money, Impact of Island Airport Expansion Dear Globe and Mail team, CTV_Photo_Robert_Deluce_2014-01-27With interest and astonishment we have read your article on Robert Deluce, CEO and owner of Porter Airlines. Unfortunately your article, which can at best be described as a form of 'native advertisement' with its glorious portrait of Mr. Deluce, contains crucial omissions and misrepresentations. First of all, opposition against the Island Airport expansion plans stems largely from residents across the city that SUPPORT the current airport's configuration. The overwhelming majority of the opposition is solely directed against turning the Island Airport into a major jet airport. In fact, many supporters of NoJetsTO are actually past and current Porter customers that want to see the niche, regional airport preserved as it is, not turned into a Pearson-by-the-Lake. Secondly, there is no proper discussion of the expansion plans and its implications for both the existing governance framework (the Tripartite Agreement) and the future of Toronto's waterfront in your article. We are in the unique situation where a privately-held company, without disclosing any financial details, essentially tries to dictate and reverse years of urban planning and revitalization efforts on Toronto's waterfront by upending the current mix-used balance. It should also be noted that Deluce tries to do that through a massive lobbying effort at City Hall that some councillors have described as unprecedented. Thirdly, the reason why Deluce and his company benefited from the cancellation of the bridge (which was done by a democratic City Council vote and not by the then-mayor alone) was that it allowed them to collect a hefty 'compensation' package of ca. $20 million in taxpayer dollars from the federal government. It would have been a matter of journalistic objectiveness to include this essential detail in your article. We look forward to an amended version of the article in question and your response. Best regards, NoJetsTO Media Team