NoJetsTO Shows Solidarity with Boaters

Boating Community Stages Large Protest in Toronto Harbour Against Jets on Our Waterfront On Thursday, September 18th, independent boaters rallied against the Island Airport Expansion proposal. More than 60 boats and kayaks came together in the Toronto Harbour to protest the Island Airport expansion proposal, supported by dozens of protesters on Reese Street Slip, mobilized by NoJetsTO. “Boaters are one of the groups that will pay the price from Island Airport Expansion. It doesn’t matter what the Toronto Port Authority or Porter Airlines says: Transport Canada makes the call on the MEZ expansion”, Norman DiPasquale, Acting Chair of NoJetsTO said.  "The vision for a mixed-use waterfront is at risk from the Island Airport Expansion.” The event featured's guest speakers were mayoral candidate Olivia Chow, councillor candidates Joe Cressy (Ward 20), Anshul Kapoor (Ward 20), JP Boutros (Ward 16) & former Toronto Raptors coach Butch Carter. Several media outlets reported about the protest.