Norman Di Pasquale Named Acting Chair for NoJetsTO

Read Norman's Message to NoJetsTO Supporters Dear Friends, NormBiz The fight to save our waterfront continues. This has been an uphill battle since day one, with big money and lobbyists doing everything possible to ruin our waterfront and make the Island Airport expansion a reality. The effectiveness of our campaign in spite of this is truly inspiring. The team at NoJetsTO is as strong as ever and I am truly honoured to be named the Acting Chair of our grassroots organization. I thank the NoJetsTO steering committee for their trust in me and I look forward to working with all of you. We wish Anshul Kapoor, who has stepped down from his position as the NoJetsTO Chair, success in his future endeavours. I am giving my all to stop this reckless plans from going forward, and when I look at my young son and daughter who will grow up to enjoy the waterfront without a Pearson-by-the-Lake, I realize it's all worth it. Please reach out to me anytime on Twitter via @normsworld or at I would like to hear from you! To learn more about my background as a life-long Toronto resident, small business owner and waterfront advocate, please click here. Norman Di Pasquale Acting Chair of NoJetsTO