NOW Magazine: Letter to the Editor Highlights Flyover Noise Issue

Resident Emphasizes Large Parts of City Will be Affected by Jet Noise: Airport Boosters do Flyby on Noise Levels October 18, 2013 TORONTO -Many of your letter-writers think the introduction of jets to Billy Bishop Airport (NOW, October 3-9) is an issue that only affects the waterfront. They could not be more wrong. Question 7 in the City Of Toronto Survey On Billy Bishop Airport states that “At certain times, such as during flyover, the new jets may be louder than the current turboprop planes used at the airport.” How much louder? Flyover sound levels are the ones that will affect the majority of Torontonians as the planes cross the city on their way to the airport. I live in the west end of Toronto at Runnymede and Bloor. I can watch Porter air traffic from my back yard. There are no sound levels available for the proposed CS-100 jet. Of the seven jets cited as similar to the CS-100, flyover levels range from 81.3 to 95 decibels. This is well in excess of the turboprops in current use. Decibels are a logarithmic measure; every increase of 3 decibels signifies a doubling of sound pressure. At the current rate of 16 flights an hour, most of Toronto can expect much higher flyover noise levels every four minutes between 6:45 am and 11 pm. Adam Wadon Toronto Source: NOW Magazine letters to the editor