Ontario Place Revitalization at Risk from Island Airport Expansion Plans

NoJetsTO: City Council Has to Protect New Ontario Place from Jets TORONTO – NoJetsTO welcomes the proposed designs for the revitalization of Ontario Place. The public consultation, however, revealed a lack of collaboration between province and city when it comes to the impacts an expanded Island Airport. “Our elected officials have to make sure jets don’t spoil the revitalized Ontario Place,” NoJetsTO chair Anshul Kapoor remarked. “It is a pity that the city and the province are not collaborating enough on the issue.” Yesterday’s public event on the Ontario Place plans drew applause for the design proposals, but also made it clear that the planned expansion of the nearby Island Airport is not featuring in the planning. “With an expanded Island Airport, you will have jets screeching metres away from the new park at Ontario Place,” Kapoor continued. “Allowing jets next to a revitalized Ontario Place will be a loss for Toronto – and for taxpayers.” “Revitalizing Ontario Place is a generational task that is part of re-imagining Toronto’s waterfront,” the NoJetsTO chair added. “You can’t do this project in isolation – especially not when others are planning a Mini-Pearson next door.” NoJetsTO is a coalition of concerned citizens dedicated to preserving Toronto’s mixed-use waterfront and a boutique Island Airport. Representing residents across Toronto, the non-partisan organization NoJetsTO opposes the expansion of the Island Airport through jet aircraft and extended runways. NoJetsTO’s goal is to preserve the status quo at the Island Airport by protecting the Tripartite Agreement that governs it.

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