Packed House for NoJetsTO AGM

Norman Di Pasquale Elected as Chair, By-Laws Adopted

TORONTO - The successful 2015 Annual General Meeting marks another milestone for our grassroots movement for a jet-free waterfront. More than 100 people braved chilling temperatures to join us for the NoJetsTO AGM, leaving standing room only. Our keynote speaker Ken Greenberg gave an excellent presentation about our waterfront and the multi-generational revitalization work that’s at stake. He closed with a passionate plea to keep up our efforts to save our waterfront from the jets.

Ken Greenberg - Slide Deck NoJetsTO AGM 2015-01-12

We also welcomed City Councillor Joe Cressy, who gave an update on City Hall, the flawed Port Authority-led Environmental Assessment and the road ahead. He, too, encouraged us to keep up our outreach work to put pressure on Council. The AGM was moderated by Daryn Caister, host of the radio show Green Majority. In a presentation, Norman Di Pasquale highlighted the historic dimension of our campaign by illustrating the grassroots fight against the Spadina Expressway. It was successfully waged by thousands of residents and involved visionaries like Jane Jacobs - and Ken Greenberg. The assembled NoJetsTO supporters also passed a set of by-laws for our growing organization and elected Norman Di Pasquale as our new chair. After leading NoJetsTO on an interim basis since last summer, Norman has now been duly elected to continue his terrific work. The assembled members also elected Laura Cooper as the organization’s new treasurer and Tim Ehlich as secretary. Congratulations to all elected officers! A big thank-you also for outgoing Steering Committee member Gautam Malkani for his invaluable work for the cause. Please see the detailed meeting minutes below. You can find the newly adopted NoJetsTO by-laws here. But our AGM wouldn’t have been complete without talking about our amazing volunteers who have collected thousands of signed petitions in the last months alone. Much more help is needed in the crucial year. From outreach to adding new faces to our steering committee, we need you. Check out our exciting volunteer opportunities and sign up today.

NoJetsTO AGM Minutes

Attendance: 103 members Acknowledgments:

  • Ken Greenberg, urban designer and keynote speaker
  • Joe Cressy, City Councillor (Ward 20) and speaker
  • Mike Layton, City Councillor (Ward 19)
  • Daryn Caister, host of radio show Green Majority and AGM moderator
  • Norman Di Pasquale, NoJetsTO Acting Chair
  • Maureen Lynett, co-founder of No Casino Toronto
  • Anshul Kapoor, former NoJetsTO Chair


  • Introduction by Daryn Caister
  • Look back – Spadina Expressway by Norman Di Pasquale
  • Keynote speech by Ken Greenberg
  • Review 2014 and priorities for 2015 by Norman Di Pasquale
  • Greater Waterfront Coalition update by Ed Hore
  • By-laws presentation by Ed Hore, Tim Ehlich
  • Adoption of by-laws, election of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary by Daryn Caister
  • City Hall update by City Councillor Joe Cressy
  • Financial update by Laura Cooper
  • 3D of airport expansion issues by Jim Panou
  • Advisory committee presentation and volunteer call by Norman Di Pasquale
  • Open floor moderated by Daryn Caister
  • Adjournment

Presentations: Spadina Expressway comparison Norman Di Pasquale, Acting Chair of NoJetsTO, highlighted the residents’ struggle and success against the planned Spadina Expressway. Visionaries like Jane Jacobs and Ken Greenberg fought against this massive alteration of Toronto’s urban fabric. Decades later, we know face a decision of similar scale with the expansion of the Island Airport that threatens the balance and future of our waterfront. Airport expansion will overwhelm waterfront Urban designer and waterfront expert Ken Greenberg gave a detailed presentation that both explained the multi-generational task of revitalizing Toronto’s waterfront and how the planned expansion of the Island Airport undermines and threatens much what has been achieved and is planned for the waterfront, e.g. the Don Lands, Ontario Place and new green spaces and public infrastructure in the Fort York area. Citing the central assessment of the proposed expansion, Greenberg asserted that it would be a change in kind, not a change in degree. Look back and look ahead for NoJetsTO Acting Chair Norman Di Pasquale talked about the 2014 milestones, including the City Council vote, our participation in the World Pride Parade, the hiring of a new volunteer coordinator, Irene Lam and our plans for the New Year. Next steps involve the founding of local NoJetsTO chapters in Etobicoke and Scarborough. Adoption of By-laws, Election of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary: By unanimous vote of the assembly, the following were elected:

  • Chair:  Norman Di Pasquale
  • Treasurer:  Laura Cooper
  • Secretary:  Tim Ehlich

City Hall Update by City Councillor Joe Cressy: Joe Cressy re-iterated his firm position against the expansion.  There is still a lot of work to do to educate and convince some councillors on the issues.  New councillors especially need to hear from their constituents.  He  mentioned that Council will be proceeding with a new Climate Change Committee. Financial Update: The Treasurer's Report was presented by Laura Cooper.  We have, as of Jan 5, 2015, $3,212.67 in the bank.  Our income since the previous AGM was $22,319 in donations.  Our major expense since since then was for advertising, on which we spent $14,381.87. Other costs included event promotion (Pride Parade), mail box, promotional material like lawn signs, pins and T-shirts as well as wages to our volunteer co-ordinator and web costs. 3D Presentation: NoJetsTO researcher Jim Panou presented this 3D model of the airport and the waterfront, highlighting various safety and urban planning issues, e.g. the low approach jets will have to take right above the Port Lands developments. Advisory Committee: NoJetsTO is in the process of putting together and advisory committee under the guidance of Maureen Lynett, co-founder of No Casino Toronto.