Peter Fenech Endorses NoJetsTO

Ward 3 Candidate Peter Fenech Speaks Out Against Island Airport Expansion Peter Fenech As a candidate for city council I support 'no jets' at the Toronto Island Airport. Residents of Toronto should not sacrifice our waterfront for a convenience that will be unable to be reversed.  The Union-Pearson Express demonstrates a long-term vision for a vibrant Toronto waterfront and a connection to an appropriate airport for long-haul flights. The costs associated with allowing jets can be better utilized creating a waterfront accessible to everyone while building new neighbourhoods and communal space. Investing in transit plans like Phase 2 of the Eglinton Crosstown to Pearson will also benefit more residents than investing in an island airport expansion.  I look forward to bring this message to council once elected. Peter Fenech Website: Twitter: @peterfenech_TO Facebook: